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Interested in our special offers?


  • A white-label platform
  • Creation of an own hotline
  • Access to our special offers

Interested in strengthening your relation to your network?


  • A white label platform
  • Creation of an own hotline
  • Access to our special offers
  • Reporting of all activities
  • Selective customer support
  • Presentation of the platform by phoning


Improve quickly your purchase conditions

Optimize your purchase conditions by benefitting of the mutualized rates hat we’ve negotiated for the total of the members.

Our customers allow us to achieve a significant level of purchase and you or the members of your network can benefit from these conditions – whether integrated in your network or organised by it.

So, don’t hesitate and contact us. We’d be more than happy to help you to improve your purchase conditions and your prices.

You can be sure, the implementation of our service is simple, quick and efficient!


Create your own purchase office

You’re running a completely integrated, partly integrated or independent network, that is more or less autonomous in the administration of their profit-center?

Do you want to offer your network a new service with an convincing added value? Recommend them our turnkey solution: a purchase-extranet which contains all profitable purchase conditions that Buyco has negotiated for you.

This extranet is going to be developed in a white label- with your logo, your colours, your pictures,... This allows you to offer a new service to your network and strengthen the relation to the members.


Benefit from our new technology

Benefit from our innovative technology and unique expertise in the mutualized purchase to strengthen the relation to your network.

Thanks to the market place that we’ve developed, every member can benefit from the innovative and easy service. Videos, online forms, live chat, save purchase, workflow validation, etc. are part of the functions which every user can use to benefit from our supply partners and rates.


Save... time !

Benefit from our service! It's going to meet fully your requirements and allows you to concentrate on your core business.

We are purchase experts. Let us guide the negotiations and you can look after the rest!

You can be sure, thanks to our engagement and our expertise, your network is going to be supported reasonably and guided to use the rates in order to make your members save money in their purchase without having to worry about it.


Profit from our exclusive offers

The products that you can find on our platform are covering more than 50 categories and allow every company to cover the total amount of their expenses.

Our clients have a large choice of purchase categories with very attractive rates. As required, we ‘re able to expand the product catalogue and negotiate new rates.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us to get to know the whole range of offers.

Service for SME Creating an additional service to improve the relation to your clients
Garage networks Creating a purchase platform that is accessible for all garages
Catering trade franchise Offering an additional service to your franchisee
Insurance companies Offering your assurance agents the possibility to economize on their running costs
Associations Offering the members a white label purchase service
Dealer associations Mobilizing a network by offering a purchase platform and negotiated rates

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